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Contact me directly by phone or PM to discuss the cost of a specific kitten or any questions you may have. I post pictures of available kittens on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach me by using the contact box below.

We are looking for loving forever homes for our kittens. We have guidelines to assist potential owners in making a decision and commitment to add these wonderful kittens into your family home.

Our kittens sell for $2700. Once you decide on a kitten there is a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve the kitten you choose and goes toward the purchase price. At that time a sales contract will be sent to you with all terms that apply to the sale for both parties (breed/pet, genetic testing, immunizations, care expectations, timing of final payment and arrangement options/costs for transporting to new owner).



Kittens can not be transported until they are 12-14 weeks old.

If you live close enough you can make arrangements to pick up your kitten from our cattery or we can assist you in making arrangements for your kitten to be transported to you at your expense. This can be by car or by air.

Air transportation would be to the closest airport to your home and can be done by shipping the kitten in cargo or by using a courier to accompany your kitten in the airplane cabin.*

We can discuss this with you in detail and inform you of the costs and requirements involved for your preferred mode of transport.

* the airlines have recently increased their regulations and costs for pet travel.

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