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February 2021


I’ve the pleasure of working with Karyn through the process of finding 4 Maine Coons. 2 for myself and 1 for each of my 2 daughters. Karyn drove to meet me when I flew into Seattle to pick up “the girls” Lilac and Pearl, and flew to Knoxville TN to deliver to us the “the boys”, Stormey and Silas.

Throughout the entire process Karyn kept us updated with photos and videos almost daily on how our babies were growing and thriving.

It is clear these cats are raised in an environment of love and much handling. All 4 cats we have received from Karyn are kind, loving, healthy and well adjusted. Of course we might be partial, but we would also say they are the most beautiful as well.

Karyn is amazing to work with, is always responsive, will answer all of your questions and clearly loves these cats.

We are in love with our babies and have found a friend in Karyn.

Warmest Regards,

April in Knoxville


December 2020

If I had known in advance how top-notch Karyn Buchanan ran her business, I would not have been so nervous on my trip to pick up my two male kittens: a Black Smoke and a Black tabby with white.

Her home was immaculate, her kittens healthy and happy as they scrambled and cavorted amongst the many toys and scratch posts, she had set out for them. She answered my multitude of questions with patience and passion. Her commitment does not end as you walk out the door. She cares deeply and is available to help whenever questions arise.

Karyn is a “Salt of the Earth” cat Mamma whose devotion to Maine Coons glows bright in her eyes and through her words and actions.

Warm regards,

Judyeth Sherwood

Sammamish, WA

Tatooshsky &Myshka Magoo
Lake Samammish,WA

Sisters Pearl & Lilac 
      Knoxville, TN


Stormy - TX

We have had Pepperoni now for one year. We purchased her from a very kind Breeder in the PNW, Karyn. I immediately got good vibes from Karyn and I appreciated that she did her homework on us. While these designer kittens are expensive, there is so much more to this culture then money. I hope that I do a great job in my review of articulating the value of a good breeder. She is a retired nurse, the most trusted profession there is. Pepper was able to assimilate into our family quickly due to the love and affection that she received from her breeder. If you have chosen Karyn’s service, know that you are in the best hands. Happy birthday to our little Pepper!



Diablo - Bellingham, WA
Maine Coon kitten

Moose & Sunny - Denver, CO


Los Angeles, CA


Pepper - Lynwood, WA

NiNNikki Lu - Poulsbo, WAki Lu

Nikki Lu.JPG
Nikki Lu _ 2_edited.jpg

Sofie Pendragon - Puyallup, WA


Eden - Seattle, WA


Amy - Kent, WA

Johnny & Moira
Portland, OR


 Astrid -       Silverdale, WA

~~~TICA Best of Breed~~~ Frosty and Splendy               owned by Michelle Woolley in Gig Harbor

Maine Coon mother and kitten



Getting ready, set, go!?

Lazy Day at home

Odie's First CFA cat show
Longview, WA 

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